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About Project Museum4U

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Dear friends of history,

you have found the pages of the modern guiding system of the museums of the Vysocina Region - Muzeum4U.


This project is based of the technological development and interest of the Vysocina Region to offer the services which make the way to the information easier. Muzeum4U reacts on the new trends and brings the guiding system of the muzeum to your smartphone.

Czech Guide

Via the museum tour you can have information in several world languages, read texts, listen to audio files or view short movies. System enables also the sign language for deaf people.

Guiding system uses two technologies:– NFC (Near field communication) a QR codes for making it available for more users

In 2011 the system is available Pelhřimov Museum.

You can use these options for the guiding tour:

  1. Smartphone with NFC technology and Android OS 2.3.4.
    • Czech guide Smartphone without NFC and with Android OS 2.3.4.:
    • Other Smartphones
    • QR kodSome NFC devices are available to use in the museum. Please ask the staff.


    Important notice:

    • In media section the files are sorted as MP4 -first, then MP3 (first video then audio)
    • In case sign language is „ON“ other media are not available because without sound are useless.

    We believe that you appreciate this new way of the guiding system, please write your comments to the discussion page. Thank you.


    Project has been prepared in co-operation with the Taiwanese Institut for information technologies.

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